Why is Everyone Buying Doge Now?!

Is Dogecoin the best crypto to buy right now? If you’re interested in crypto and willing to FOMO-in now, then ask yourself why you haven’t been investing all year while the market is down.

No one knows how high Doge or Shib will go, but the potential gains are huge, so it’s normal to pay attention once someone like Elon Musk mentions one of them.

However, this time it is much more than a simple mention. Elon Musk owns Twitter, Binance is involved to help with blockchain stuff, and Doge is most likely going to be used on the platform somehow.

Dogecoin is now the #8 top crypto in the world, with a market cap of $16,577,175,523 at the time of this posting (5:11 AM CST 10/30). Shiba Inu is also up, but we can’t count on Elon Musk to do anything specific for SHIB, as it’s Doge that he’s interested in.

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