Why Chain (XCN) is Most Undervalued Gem of the Crypto Market

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and mature, investors are constantly on the lookout for undervalued gems that have the potential to soar during the next bull run. One such coin that should not be overlooked is Chain (XCN).

At the time of writing, the live price of Chain is $0.012266 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,182,829 USD. Despite this relatively low price, the coin has been on a steady upward trend, with a 2.07% increase in the last 24 hours. With a current CoinMarketCap ranking of #115 and a live market cap of $263,374,692 USD, Chain is a coin that should definitely be on investors’ radars.

Chain’s Potential is HUGE

So, what exactly is Chain (XCN)? Chain is a cloud blockchain infrastructure that enables organizations to build better financial services from the ground up. The company has launched Chain Core, a permissioned and open-source blockchain, and Sequence, a ledger-as-a-service product. Clients can receive discounts and pay for commercial fees with Chain Tokens (CHN) as well as participate in community protocol governance and access to premium features.

Using Chain Core, institutions can launch and operate a blockchain network, or connect to a growing list of other networks that are transforming how assets move around the world.

The Chain Protocol defines how assets are issued, transferred, and controlled on a blockchain network. It allows a single entity or a group of organizations to operate a network, supports the coexistence of multiple types of assets, and is interoperable with other independent networks.

Chain Core is engineered for the performance demanded by modern financial systems, with a time to create, sign, and validate a transaction measured in milliseconds.

Sequence is a ledger-as-a-service that enables organizations to securely track and transfer balances in a token format. Using Sequence, organizations can securely manage their financial assets in a token format on private ledgers and, soon, seamlessly transfer them across public networks.

How and Why Chain Was Created

Founded in 2014, Chain has raised over $40 million in funding from major investors such as Khosla Ventures, RRE Ventures, Capital One, Citigroup, Fiserv, Nasdaq, Orange, and Visa. The company has previously partnered and worked to build blockchain networks for Visa, Nasdaq, State Street, Citibank and more. In 2018, Chain was acquired by Lightyear Corp., the commercial arm of the Stellar Development Foundation, the organization behind the Lumens cryptocurrency. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed but it was rumored to be the equivalent of $500 million paid in Lumens.

In 2021, Chain is now operating as a privately held corporation with a newly established board of directors, officers and shareholders.

One of the things that makes Chain unique is its Chain Protocol, which is designed to be a shared, multi-asset, cryptographic ledger. It supports the coexistence and interoperability of multiple independent networks, with different operators, sharing a common format and capabilities. Using the principle of least authority, control over assets is separated from control over ledger synchronization.

The Chain Protocol also allows any network participant to define and issue assets by writing custom “issuance programs.” Once issued, units of an asset are controlled by “control programs.” These programs are expressed in a simple programming language, making it easy for any developer to create and manage assets on the network.

Undervalued Gem Ready for Launch!!

So, if you’re looking for a potentially undervalued gem in the cryptocurrency market, Chain (XCN) is definitely worth considering. Its cloud blockchain infrastructure and products like Chain Core and Sequence provide innovative solutions for organizations to build better financial services. And with a strong team of experienced executives and a history of partnerships with major industry players, Chain has the potential to continue to grow and succeed in the future.

Not only that, but its unique Chain Protocol, allows for a shared, multi-asset, cryptographic ledger, making it a valuable addition to any crypto portfolio. With its current low price and steady upward trend, now may be the perfect time to invest in Chain (XCN) and potentially reap the rewards during the next bull run.