What the Heck is Volt Inu and Should You Buy it?

It seems like new meme coins are popping up daily, most of them are just jokes, but Volt Inu is now a trending topic in the crypto world. Why? What is Volt Inu? At first glance, it looks like a SHIB knockoff, where the meme coin provides utility and has “future plans” to do big things.

When you see something like Volt Inu popping up all over social media and blog articles, you start to consider investing some money into it. After all, just $1 invested into SHIB would be worth over $100k today… but will this new project take off in a similar fashion?

Here’s everything we know about Volt Inu, its founders, and a quick rundown on where you can buy the new meme coin. Satosheez is not telling you to buy, hold, or sell Volt Inu – this is just information, along with a little speculation.

Volt Inu is Hyper-Deflationary

That’s right, $VOLT is a hyper-deflationary token and the supply will decrease due to automated burning mechanisms. The founders have a unique vision, as the project actually invests in various digital assets like NFTs, altcoins, nodes, and via staking and farming stablecoins. Basically, a diverse portfolio prevents any significant risks – while also providing the opportunity for growth related to the project’s investments.

VOLT tokens get bought back and burned using profits from the project’s treasury investments. So that’s deflationary right there, and then $VOLT features an automatic tax on all transactions.

What is the VOLT burn tax rate?

2% burn tax on ETH and an automatic 4% burn tax on BSC.

If Volt Inu continues to build momentum and grow into 2023, then there will be a ton of transactions occurring every hour.

Volt Inu V2 Features

Passive income is the name of the game, and V2 is all about giving $VOLT HODlers a chance to earn a nice stream of income with its various features.

NFT Ecosystem

Right now, the project has an NFT collection titled, Volted Dragons Sailors Club. However, there are plans for an entire NFT ecosystem where all NFTs will be connected to VOLT and the token will be used to pay for the digital assets.

Another cool feature about their planned ecosystem is a feature where NFT holders may be able to purchase $VOLT at a discounted price.

Note: You can visit the Volted Dragons site to learn more about their NFT collection. There are many plans, but their Volted Dragons collection is the only real thing produced that we can see.

Built-in Rewards System

Holders can complete weekly tasks, like burning VOLT, to earn bonuses using the rank-and-reward system. They’re calling this an “automated social activity reward”, and it’s expected some of the tasks will be related to sharing or promoting the project on social media networks.

Why is this good? Because the project gives its holders even more incentive to share and increase awareness of $VOLT.

Earn VOLT Playing a Browser-Based Game

On the official Volt Inu website, you will discover a “Game” button in the top right of the navigation menu. Click it, connect your wallet, and start earning $VOLT. It’s that easy. This is a real working feature, but since their website doesn’t tell you anything about the game, we figure it would be best to explain what it is and provide you with a video demo…

As you can see, it’s a 2D racing game you can play in your browser (use a desktop or laptop for this one), and it looks surprisingly fun! Earn more VOLT by increasing your position on the leaderboards.

Adding $VOLT to Your Portfolio

Okay so you’ve seen the meme coin on social media, you’ve looked it up, and you’ve found our article. It’s a growing cryptocurrency with a lot of potential for 100x gains. But, is it legit? Will the talks about future projects actually come to life? Don’t forget this is a very risky digital asset, and you should never invest money into it that you aren’t comfortable losing.

Can I buy Volt Inu on Coinbase?

No. $VOLT is not on Coinbase. However, it’s becoming popular and may get listed in the near future.

How do I buy $VOLT?

Connect your Metamask wallet to Uniswap and use Ethereum to pay for Volt Inu V2. Make sure you’re buying V2.

Is Volt Inu listed on any major crypto exchanges?

Yes, the cryptocurrency was recently listed on Gate.io, which is a top-tier exchange (not available in most countries). Volt can also be purchased on ProBit, MEXC, and various other reputable platforms.

How can I make or accept payments using Volt Inu?

The easiest way to accept $VOLT as payment is to use NOWPayments, which is a non-custodial payment service for both companies and individuals. It will let you accept donations, and make mass payments using the trending cryptocurrency.