Is Volt Inu the next millionaire-making crypto?

At first glance, it looks like a SHIB knockoff, where the meme coin provides utility and has “future plans” to do big things.

The developers of Volt Inu have been working on methods for automatically burning tokens to decrease the circulating supply.  Burn taxes, and investments that burn tokens from profits.

Volt Inu is Hyper-Deflationary

Volt Inu already has an NFT collection called "Volted Dragons", and now they're working on creating an entire NFT ecosystem tied to $VOLT.

NFT Ecosystem in Development...

There are social activity rewards with opportunities for nice bonuses when you perform tasks such as burning VOLT. This is part of a strategy to encourage more burning of the token.  This is likely why everyone is pushing VOLT on social media.

Built-in Rewards System

Not one of those annoying "Earn crypto" games that are loaded with ads and only offer small payouts. Volt Inu has a real 2D browser-based racing game where you can earn VOLT for playing a game!

You can Earn VOLT by Playing a Game

Volt Inu is a new cryptocurrency and has already been listed on a ton of global exchanges, such as and ProBit Global.  It's also available on many decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap

How to Buy $VOLT

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