Why DOGE is HOT right now

It's just Elon...

The billionaire bought Twitter, and this is actually huge news for Dogecoin. Here's why...

Binance invested $500,000,000

There is even news floating around that Binance will be helping to integrate blockchain and crypto into the platform!

The Price Has Doubled in a Few Days...

Dogecoin went from $0.06 to $0.12 in a matter of days due to the Twitter purchase.

Possible Dogecoin Integration for Twitter?

How will Elon Musk integrate Dogecoin and other cryptos in Twitter? For fees, to reduce spam?

Is this a good time to buy Dogecoin?

Doge has been as high as $0.58. It was at $0.06 a few days ago. It is currently sitting around $0.12.  What do you think?