Volt Inu Follows Doge and SHIB, Watch This Trend

Looking at the chart for Volt Inu V2 on CoinMarketCap, you can see that this meme-coin does exactly what Shiba Inu did when Dogecoin started to surge. Elon Musk makes Doge pump, and all of these tokens seem to follow.

Chart showing Volt Inu price rising after shib and doge

Sounds like it’s too good to be true. Invest $20 in a crazy cheap meme-coin and wait for it to pump so you can withdraw thousands of dollars into your bank account.

This actually happens, but no one can guarantee when or which coins will make you rich. You need to do thorough research, pay attention to trends, and risk only what you’re willing to lose.

Volt Inu, like Shiba Inu, is very different from the rest of the pack.

The attention this coin gets on Twitter is incredible, and nothing to ignore. Sure, there are probably some bots pumping this coin, but it is also worth noting that there is a growing community of real users and investors interested in $VOLT.

Actually, a very helpful influencer has risen in popularity due to his Volt Inu videos. His name is December DeMarco, and he covers Shiba Inu and Volt Inu consistently. Here is his latest video on $VOLT:

Set your price alerts and watch how $VOLT moves along behind Doge and Shib. It is unclear how long this trend will last, but as long as the community is going strong one can only presume Volt Inu will continue to rise as the two leading meme coins pave the way.

Not sure where to buy Volt? It isn’t available on Coinbase or Crypto.com, yet. However, it is available on some major exchanges like Probit Global.

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