Sustainable Carbon Finance Gets a Boost with TCB’s Latest Moves

The Carbon Blockchain, Inc. (TCB) Makes Strides in Sustainability with Minerva Green Acquisition and Serengeti Energy Holdings Joint Venture”

In a move to drive positive change and sustainability in the global economy, The Carbon Blockchain, Inc. (TCB) has announced the acquisition of Minerva Green, a South African agriculture group specializing in the development of proprietary, indigenous African hemp strains. This acquisition will aid in the expansion of industrial hemp cultivation in Africa and beyond, providing nature-based solutions for carbon sequestration and the replacement of traditional petroleum-based carbon inputs in plastics and rubber. It will also enable the production of green charcoal and biochar for soil remediation and water retention, as well as the creation of high-quality, immutable carbon credits using blockchain technology.

In addition to the acquisition of Minerva Green, TCB has announced a joint venture with Serengeti Energy Holdings, a clean energy biomass and waste conversion firm based in New York City. This joint venture will focus on opportunities throughout Africa and the cultivation of biomass at scale, starting in Ghana. It aims to transform the industrial hemp agricultural value chain with high-capacity green bio energy processing and fiber facilities, in partnership with hemp-producing African nations, to naturally impact the environment, food and nutrition security, job and wealth creation within Ghana and the African continent, while also reducing environmental carbon and deforestation.

With these acquisitions and partnerships, TCB solidifies its commitment to driving sustainability through carbon finance and carbon projects. The expanded footprint in Africa positions TCB as a leader in this important market and provides the foundation for the launch of “Project Gigaton” in Q1 2023.

As a carbon finance, carbon project development, and technology services company, TCB uses a variety of technologies, including smart agriculture and edge-IoT technology to track decarbonization, as well as blockchain technology to support online payments and market access.

These technologies improve access to agricultural and trade finance, enabling small businesses to compete with larger firms. TCB is currently in the final stages of its seed round, preparing for its Series A funding round.