Sony Launches Motion Trackers for Metaverse Interaction

Tech giant Sony has unveiled a new product called the Mocopi system, a set of motion trackers designed to bridge the gap between the metaverse and smartphones. The system consists of six pucks that can be worn on the user’s hands, wrists, ankles, and hips, creating animated avatars inside a virtual metaverse application on smartphones.

Product Details

The Mocopi system allows users to capture full body motion without the need for expensive equipment or technology. The motion trackers are set to be released in Japan in January 2023 at a retail price of 49,500 Yen (approximately 29,222 INR). Sony has identified content creators in the metaverse as the primary target audience for the product.

Metaverse Development

The Mocopi system is part of Sony’s growing portfolio of products for the metaverse, a virtual reality platform that is still in its early stages of development. Brands like Sony and Meta are working on immersive virtual reality headsets to provide a seamless metaverse experience, where users can interact with digital environments that do not exist in the real world.

Sony has also announced plans to release the next-generation PlayStation VR2 headset for $550 in early 2023. Meta, which was previously a social media application hub, has also pivoted to focus on metaverse development. The company has sold almost 14 million VR headsets and hopes that they will eventually replace smartphones in the coming years.

How to Use the Mocopi System

To use the Mocopi system, users can pair the sensors with the app, strap them to their body, and calibrate them. From there, they can start performing movements and see their in-app avatars mimic their actions. The system also allows users to use existing VRM avatars and export recorded videos in MP4 format on devices with iOS 15.7.1 or Android 11.

Reservations for the Mocopi system began in mid-December 2022, with sales starting in late January 2023. There is currently no information available on North American availability.