Quincy, Mass. to be New Hub for Crypto Innovation

Quincy City Counselor Ian Cain is determined to make his city a leading destination for crypto and blockchain. Miami may be leading the pack, but Ian Cain is thinking outside of the box to foster innovation in various industries using blockchain technology.

Here’s what we know about Ian Cain…

Ian Cain is City Counselor for Quincy, Mass. He is also the co-founder of QUBIC Labs, which is a startup incubator launched a couple of years ago in Quincy.

Here’s what we know about crypto in Massachusetts…

Boston, Mass. is home to many of the world’s leading crypto companies and is already somewhat of a hub for crypto and blockchain tech. Flipside Crypto, Algorand, Circle, Fidelity, State Steet, and more are based in Boston and are well-known across the globe.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is against crypto and not interested in helping with any regulatory support. Mayor Michelle Wu of Boston doesn’t seem interested in crypto and has made it clear in the past that the city wasn’t pursuing any crypto initiatives.

Plans to Make Quincy, Mass. New Crypto Hub

Like many crypto enthusiasts, Cain saw how the community responded when Miami Mayor Francis Suarez came out in support of crypto. Miami is now a leading hub for crypto companies and venture capitalists.

However, Ian Cain doesn’t plan to simply copy what the Miami Mayor is doing, he wants to do more than accept a paycheck in BTC.

Blockchain technology can be used to improve many industries, including healthcare, finance, government, e-commerce, travel, hospitality, etc. Every industry is vulnerable to blockchain innovation and disruption.

Cain recently helped QUBIC Labs secure a $2,000,000 state grant to create blockchain startups.

Source: MSN

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