ProBit Global Review: Are the Negative Reviews Real?

ProBit Global is a growing cryptocurrency exchange with an Android and iOS app to make mobile trading easier than ever. It’s got poor ratings from people pushing other exchanges, but app reviews are mainly positive. What’s the deal? Is ProBit Global legit? I will answer that question in great detail, as many of the negative reviews for ProBit are actually part of a smear campaign. 

Company Overview

ProBit Global is one of the top 20 crypto exchanges when it comes to daily trading volume, and is widely known due to mentions in popular crypto blogs and social media pages. Headquartered in Seoul, this exchange has over 800k users and hundreds of coins listed for trading. Not bad, considering this exchange was founded in 2017, long after some of the big players that got in early.


This crypto exchange has never been hacked, and no customers have ever lost funds due to a security breach on ProBit’s website or app. Unless you using funds to stake crypto or for swing/day trading, then you should move them to a more secure wallet and be responsible with its private keys. 

Customer Service

They have a customer support phone number! Can you believe it? It seems as if no other crypto exchange offers phone support. You are able to submit a ticket for help, and there are email, phone, and live chat options available. 

I’ve never had to deal with ProBit customer support, but I am glad there are various options. 

ProBit Fees

Trading fees are usually the deal-breaker for me and other traders, especially if you’re day trading cryptocurrency. ProBit offers a very competitive 0.2% trading fee for even small traders, and if you stake enough PROB you can actually lower the trading fee down to 0.05%.

Withdrawal fees vary by the crypto you’re trying to transfer, but you can see the complete list here

Mobile App

ProBit Global has been downloaded over 500k times from the Google Play Store and has a rating of 3.3 from 9.98k reviews. 

Screenshot of Probit Global app reviews from the Play Store

The screenshot here shows recent reviews, and as you can see, things have improved. I have a mid-range Samsung and the app loads just fine. It’s very user-friendly, so checking charts, and navigating through the app is relatively easy if you know what you’re doing. Even if you’re new to trading crypto, the app makes everything seem simple. 

I’ve basically been using it to trade ETH and DOGE. The fees are low enough that I can make a decent profit from small trades with DOGE, so it might be a great option for beginners with smaller crypto balances. 

Tradable Currencies

There are more than 700 cryptocurrencies listed on ProBit, giving you a ton of trading opportunities that you won’t get from other exchanges. Volt Inu is even listed on ProBit, and that’s a growing crypto with a lot of potential. You can’t buy Volt on Coinbase, but you can buy it on ProBit and get in early so when Coinbase users finally get it the price goes up and you make a huge profit. 

I’m not saying to buy Volt, that was just an example. Getting in early is a big deal!

Official “How to Buy and Sell on ProBit Global” video guide.

Pros and Cons

There’s a lot going on for this platform, so I will highlight the pros and cons of ProBit in the quickest way possible to help you make your decision. For the record, I think it’s a great option but I would never make it my primary trading platform. It’s wise to keep your investments split up between various places, especially with crypto. Store the cryptos you’re HODLing in a hardware wallet, and use more than one exchange if you’re swing trading. 

Why? Because if one goes down during high-volume moments, you might need to use the other one. You can miss out on important moments if you only use one exchange, especially if that exchange is Coinbase!


  • Over 700 cryptocurrencies are listed on ProBit, making it the ideal choice for advanced users looking to invest in or trade altcoins. 
  • The user-friendly app makes mobile trading easy! 
  • Low trading fees for all users
  • The secure platform has never been hacked.
  • Learn and Earn feature gives you the opportunity to earn crypto for learning!


  • Limited payment methods. No PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller payment methods for funding your account. 
  • US Customers can send in KYC documents to verify identity as ProBit is not licensed in the US. 
  • Withdrawal fees 

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

ProBit Global is not licensed in the United States, and this is why I am giving it a 7.5/10. Before I used this exchange, I read reviews to see what others were saying so I knew what to look into for this review. 

Here’s the deal, there are some bad reviews for ProBit online, and many of them are fake. Most are customer complaints due to their own mistakes, such as sending crypto to an invalid wallet. Don’t let them ruin it for you. There’s even one that ranks at the top of Google and it rips ProBit to pieces with made-up complaints, all just to promote another exchange and make a commission. 

While it’s definitely not a 10/10 exchange yet, it does appear to be improving based on real reviews you can find in the Google Play Store. If you’re looking to open up another crypto trading account with low fees and a ton of altcoins to choose from, then give ProBit Global a try!


Can I deposit USD into my ProBit account?

No. ProBit doesn’t support fiat currencies, so you will have to deposit BTC, ETH, or USDT to fund your account and start trading.

Does ProBit Global report to the IRS?

ProBit Global is not licensed in the US and doesn’t report to the IRS.

Is ProBit a legit crypto exchange?

Yes. ProBit is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, and the platform has never been hacked.

Are the negative reviews real?

Many of them are minor customer complaints. Traders who lost money by sending their funds to invalid wallet addresses will always blame the exchange. However, there are a few fake reviews out there, designed to refer you to another leading crypto exchange. Do your own research. Check the app reviews, and see what real people are saying.

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