MicroStrategy Spends $6M on 301 Bitcoin

MicroStrategy has picked up 301 more Bitcoin between August 2nd and September 19th, bringing the average price paid to $19,851. Michael Saylor stepped down as CEO to become executive chairman, and the company is still ambitious about its BTC strategy.

It should be clear to the world that MicroStrategy is focused on the future and understands that Bitcoin will once again rise to new all-time highs. The firm owns 130k BTC, which is worth around 2.5 billion, depending on the hour.

Short-term spectators obsess over the fact MicroStrategy has spent almost $9 billion on crypto because the market is down.

At Satosheez, we pay attention to the data and understand where the world is headed. Crypto adoption is still in its early stages. India and Nigeria are leading the world in adoption, while America ranks #15 (according to Finder.com data). There’s a lot of untapped wealth out there, and BTC has gotten this far without it.

Source: CoinMarketCap

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