Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin Academy Airdrops $1,000 BTC to Each Attendee

Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z, and Block CEO Jack Dorsey, have recently made the news for airdropping $1000 BTC to Marcy House Residents. The two entrepreneurs teamed up earlier this year to launch the Bitcoin Academy in Jay-Z’s old neighborhood. Hundreds of people from Marcy House attended classes, allowing them access to information they might not have discovered.

“Marcy residents showed up”, said Glora Carter to Business Insider. Going on to add, “over 350 people who attended the Bitcoin Academy classes let us know that this education is important to them – and that it matters”.

After taking a 12-week educational course, the Bedford-Stuyvesant students were able to enroll in a grant that led to the $1000 BTC airdrop being sent directly to their Cashapp or Munn Wallet.

Source: Bitcoin.com

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