How Much SHIB Do You Need to Become a Millionaire

SHIB destroyed 6 zeroes last year, as it went from $0.000000000073 (midnight 1/1/21) to $0.000036 on Dec 29, 2021. That’s insane, right? SHIB had a single-year gain of about 49,000,000%, although, it was short-lived as the entire crypto market started to drop soon after…

Disclaimer: I am not telling you to buy, hold, or sell. SHIB is considered to be a risky investment by many financial experts.

Before we figure out how much SHIB is needed to make you a millionaire, let’s talk about expectations and projects that may potentially cause SHIB to reach all-time highs. SHIB has already made millionaires, and if you invested $100 into the coin back in January 2021, you would’ve been worth $53M by the end of the year! At that rate, even $1 invested back then would be worth more than $100k today.

Here’s How SHIB Can Reach $1 in the Near Future

First, let’s talk about how amazing the Shiba Inu community has been! SHIBARMY on Reddit. These folks are awesome! You will find that most SHIB owners are average people that work normal jobs, have kids, and bought SHIB ’cause they needed some hope. Yes, we all need some hope when times are tough. It’s what we need to stay motivated.

Look at Doge now, compared to just a few years ago. You don’t make those kinds of gains anywhere else, except for starting a successful business. SHIB was supposed to be the Doge-killer, but that’s probably not the best way to look at it.

SHIB is more than a meme-coin.

Shiba Inu coin is risky, just like all of the other meme coins. You’ve probably heard that from someone who appears to understand stocks and investing at a superior level. Of course, they’re right about meme coins being risky and volatile–but SHIB is much more than a meme coin so that argument is getting old.

Quick fact: SHIB is the largest token held by Ethereum whales. They believe in SHIB’s potential, and that must mean something…


Shibaswap is the native DEX made just for Shiba Inu holders, and it provides the same features you will find on other decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. If you want to stake your SHIB, then this is where you will do it. Simply connect to Shibaswap using your MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect wallet to get started.

Screenshot showing you the exchange

$SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE are the tokens used in the Shibaswap exchange. You can provide liquidity to earn $BONE, which is used as the governance token. $LEASH used to be pegged to Doge but has recently been “unleashed” and is mainly used as a store of value coin for investors.

SHIB – The Metaverse

The Metaverse project is what separates SHIB from the rest of the pack. The entire Shiba Ecosystem will play a part in the project, so you will be able to use $SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE tokens within Shiba Inu’s Metaverse.

You can currently place bids and purchase land plots using $LEASH tokens, and the official website features the milestones and latest progress for the project.

According to the website, the developers are “building immersive experiences that will allow users to explore, benefit, and interact with a Shiba Inu Universe like no other.”

Buying plots of land using $LEASH tokens

There’s a lot of talk about Web3 and the Metaverse lately, but no one truly knows who will dominate in the virtual world. Shiba Inu is definitely committed to delivering a unique experience, and the plan is to give users a way to earn passive income from within the SHIB Metaverse.

Imagine a metaverse where you own your own land, build your own projects, gather resources, generate rewards, and have fun during the whole process. That’s what the SHIB Metaverse is all about. If this is something you’re interested in and want to be a part of, then get in early.

We are not saying it WILL succeed in being the #1 Metaverse project, so don’t play with money you aren’t willing to lose. The metaverse is expected to become a multi-trillion dollar industry, so do your research before investing.

MOST Predictions Assume the Supply will Remain High

A quick search for “will Shib reach $1” will lead you to a bunch of articles that claim it will be lucky to hit a penny in 10 years. Why? Because the max total supply is 999,991,168,667,440. That’s 999.9 TRILLION! It’s the furthest thing from rare, this is why Shiba Inu is extremely cheap to purchase.

Pay attention to the burn rate, as the SHIB Metaverse project has the potential to dramatically decrease the supply. The SHIB team is dedicated to making this token rarer, which will make it worth more. Basic stuff, right?

Well, almost half of the supply has already been sent to a dead wallet (burned), and all of these burn transactions are logged on the blockchain. In fact, you can visit the etherscan blockchain explorer or to see live transactions.

How much SHIB was burned in August 2022?

3.7 billion SHIB tokens were sent to a dead wallet in August 2022.

The SHIB burn rate is up 281% in the past 24 hrs at the time of this writing, and the currently available supply is down to 589,619,603,527,260. Due to many members of the community staking their $SHIB, the circulating supply is down to 559,575,495,167,640.

Current Shina Inu Supply and Latest Burn Transactions as of 9/14/22

Now just imagine when the market comes back around, and the SHIB Metaverse project takes off. Now, do you understand why those past predictions got it all wrong?

SHIB to Reach $0.1+ Next Time Bitcoin Pumps to All-Time Highs

Do you believe Bitcoin will reach new highs in the future? Just by looking at the history of BTC, it should be clear that this cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere. What does BTC do? It becomes more valuable after all of the critics and traditional “analysts” and “journalists” claim it will drop to $0. But BTC always comes back stronger, proving them wrong.

As soon as we enter a bear market and things go down (new lows are always higher than previous highs) – everyone freaks out. SHIB is only down because the entire market is down. Understand that, because there’s no point in acting like it’s dead or riskier than other projects just because the price dropped a lot this year.

How many people lost a lot of money when SHIB tanked?

Tons of investors lost a lot of money when crypto tanked at the beginning of 2022. Because these particular investors were often young and new to investing. They pulled their money when the market was down, so they lost. Were you excited while the market was high? Were you investing more when the market was going up? That will make you lose, every single time.

Are you, or have you been accumulating more SHIB since we entered this bear market?

This is the time when people get rich, don’t miss the boat. The FOMO sets in once the prices are rising again, and by then you are too late. Getting rich requires an investment at a time when very few people believe in the thing you’re investing in. It’s how you get the best deal and make the most profit.

Otherwise, accumulating coins over time by dollar-cost-averaging is your best chance to build real wealth.

How much SHIB Should You Hold If You Want to Become a Millionaire?

As much as possible. It’s impossible to time the market, as you can’t control the way it will go and those charts and standard price predictions are never accurate when it comes to cryptocurrencies (definitely not altcoins). Do you plan on holding for 1-5 years? Consider how much you are comfortable investing in SHIB on a weekly or monthly basis. The price of $SHIB is so low that you can invest $5 into it every week and accumulate millions of Shiba Inu in no time.

If you just want to see what happens, buy a million Shiba Inu tokens and hold on to them. When BTC pumps again, so will many of these altcoins (we are not promising or guaranteeing SHIB will pump too, but it’s extremely likely). SHIB is surviving just fine throughout this bear market, and the community has stayed strong through tough times.

You have just learned about all of the things that can make SHIB pump again, from the Metaverse project to the decreasing supply and strong community. How many Shiba Inu tokens are you holding in your wallet?


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