EQBR Holdings Launches EQ Hub, a Next-Generation Blockchain Development Platform

EQBR Holdings, a provider of Web3 business solutions, has announced the launch of EQ Hub, a next-generation blockchain development platform, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. EQ Hub aims to make it easier for businesses to adopt Web3 technology by providing a no-code programming environment for both business users and developers. Business users can choose from pre-built dApps and easily customize them for quick deployment, while developers can use a rich smart contract library to build a range of dApps, including DeFi, games, and NFTs.

One unique feature of EQ Hub is that developers can use a simple user interface to build and operate a brand new L1 blockchain network in less than an hour. This means that developers can create their own mainnet using EQ Hub and interoperate with other L1 blockchain networks, such as Ethereum or BNB, using EQBR’s gateway service. EQ Hub will be available on the Equilibrium mainnet, which has been developed by EQBR and is deployed in the cloud.

EQBR’s CTO, Hyunki Lee, says that “We are very confident that Equilibrium’s performance surpasses other blockchain mainnets in terms of scalability and stability, but using EQ Hub does not necessarily mean developers must use the Equilibrium mainnet.”

Jae Kun Jung, head of EQBR’s business division, added that “The release of EQ Hub is meaningful because it can expedite migration from Web2 into Web3. Existing online services can be transferred to a Web3 environment through EQ Hub in a minimum amount of time and at minimal cost. Those who want to launch a Web3 business will be able to use EQ Hub to build and launch a new project as well as a new dApp. There is no need for upfront investment as our service will be provided on a subscription basis. We want many innovative entrepreneurs to venture into Web 3.0 business without the burden of failure.”

EQ Hub has already attracted several closed beta customers who are building commercial services on blockchain networks built with the platform. EQBR’s Singaporean affiliate has also completed an ICO and established Volare Network, a blockchain network for gaming and entertainment content. Based on its experiences with deploying commercial services, EQBR will offer packaged turnkey applications for specific business purposes, such as NFTs, STOs (securitized token offerings), and payments.

EQ Hub will launch its open beta program at CES 2023 and those who want to try it out can visit the North Hall booth 8874/8875 or the Web 3.0 Metaverse Studio in the Main Hall at the Las Vegas Convention & World Trade Center during the event.