Avalanche Gaming’s Next Level: The Ready Player DAO Partnership

Ready Player DAO, a prominent Web3 gaming guild, has announced its partnership with Avalanche to drive content creation for Avalanche games. The DAO will be creating written, video, and influencer content and deploying its own node to promote the Avalanche gaming ecosystem.

Ava Labs, the creators of Avalanche, are supporting these efforts to onboard new and existing users into the world of Web3 gaming. This collaboration comes at a crucial time for Avalanche gaming, as it continues to attract top publishers and game developers for its speed, security, scalability, and Subnets.

Beyond that, Ready Player DAO will also be organizing Avalanche gaming events, including tournaments. Furthermore, the DAO will launch an Avalanche validator using AWS Cloud and actively participate in the Avalanche Network.

This move reflects a long-term commitment to Avalanche and solidifies Ready Player DAO’s goal to be the go-to source for Web3 gaming content creation.

About Ready Player DAO and Avalanche

Ready Player DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to level the playing field in the gaming industry by supporting the growth of the web3 gaming economy. They believe that web3 gaming, powered by blockchain technology, has the potential to revolutionize the industry by enabling in-game assets to be traded at scale, and allowing assets to be transferred and composed between different games.

The organization is built on three pillars: investment, marketing support, and community building. These pillars work together to drive value to the web3 gaming ecosystem and support innovative projects.

Avalanche is a cutting-edge smart contract platform that offers unparalleled speed and reliability. Its innovative consensus protocol and Subnets allow developers to launch highly-scalable solutions with ease. Avalanche offers flexibility in deployment, allowing developers to use the EVM or their own custom VM.

The platform is designed for Web3 developers and is environmentally friendly. With Avalanche, developers can build whatever they want, however they want.

Source: Ready Player DAO