AI-Focused Cryptocurrency Projects See Surge in Demand

As an investor, it’s worth keeping an eye on the trend of AI-focused cryptocurrency projects. With data indicating a surge in interest, and big players like Microsoft making significant investments in the space, demand for these types of projects has been on the rise.

For example, the crypto project has seen its native token FET rise 212% in the past 30 days, and another AI project, Singularitynet, has seen its token AGIX increase 293% against the U.S. dollar. Google Trends scores for the search term “AI” have been high, with a score of 94 out of 100 during the week of Jan. 22-28, 2023.

This trend can be attributed to the increasing interest in AI and its potential applications. With the release of AI-infused art platforms like Dall-E, Deep AI, Jasper Art, Starry AI, Nightcafe, and others, the world has become more focused on the technology. Additionally, the popular Openai platform ChatGPT, or GPT-3, has also contributed to this trend.

It’s important to note that while these AI-based crypto assets have seen significant growth in recent weeks, it’s uncertain how long this trend will continue. These projects are currently ranked below the top 75 in terms of market capitalization and have recently seen price surges due to increased interest in AI and ChatGPT. As an investor, it’s important to conduct thorough research and consider the long-term potential of these projects before making any decisions.